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Blade: DAMACORE HUGIN DC18N powder stainless steel

CORE: N11X SIDES: RWL-34 + PMC 27,

thickness 3,0 mm (0.1181"), hardness 61 HRC

Handle Material: Titanium Grade 5, 24 Carat Gold

Backspacer: Titanium Grade 5

Clip: Titanium Grade 5

Lock: Titanium Grade 5

Ceramic Ball bearing system handmade by Herman

Additional hardened stainless washers in bearings

Ceramic detent ball

Tungsten carbide on the lock leaf

Tungsten carbide alloy stop pin

Custom TORX T20 pivot with a titanium tool

Dedicated wooden box and soft pouch included

Weight: 122 g (4.30 oz)

Overall length: 225 mm (8.86")

Blade length: 97 mm (3.82")

Folded length: 127 mm (5")

My name is Bartosz Herman.
I produce knives according to my own projects and sometimes on an individual order.
I try for every one of my knives to be unique and to enjoy its owner and at the same time to be comfortable and reliable during every day work.
I want to develop my skills even further so that results of my work can keep getting better and better.
I invite You to watch results of my work.

PROJECT: LIFE IS A GAME- set of 4 hand engraved knives

#game #life #human #card game #symbolism #Club #Diamond #Heart

#Spade #scroll #24kgold #goldinlay #self-love #changes #titanium #skull

#energy #intellect #action #death


The details are not the details. They make the design.

                                                                                 Charles Eames


The crucial factor that sets our work apart from is essentially a passion for detail. Each individual project presents Us with unique challenges, and we set the bar higher and higher with every new undertaking. The client’s preferences receive exceptional attention. We devote significant time to talking to our client and to meeting their expectations in full. In short, we deliver Project One of a Kind.

Our art is born not only through the dedicated hours in the atelier or at the easel, but above all through the time devoted to in-depth analysis and the search for new inspirations. Only by working together can we create a piece worthy of being called Art – unique, emotional and of the highest quality. We will make every effort to ensure that it is so.


,,LIFE IS A GAME” is a project of 4 Herman folder knives hand engraved by Monika Kalla. The engraving creation presents skull on a club, diamond, heart and spade. Inside of every knife on the backspacer we can find 24k gold inlayed number of the knife in the collection:

1st of 4 is the spade

2nd of 4 is the heart

3rd of 4 is the diamond

4th of 4 is the club

Each symbol represents different meaning:

- spade - represents a leaf of the "cosmic" tree, and thus life. Along with its companion suit, clubs, spades represent fall and winter and the power of darkness. In the Tarot, they symbolize
intellect, action, air, and death.

- heart - represent the warmth of spring and summer seasons and the power of light. They are the center of life and the world. In the Tarot, hearts can also symbolize knowledge, love, life from water, and fertility, and in fortune-telling, joy.

- diamond - represent warmth, light, femininity. In the Tarot, they symbolize earthly matter, money, courage, and energy, but fortune-tellers often associate diamonds with spitefulness and annoyance.

- club - Otherwise known as trefoils, clubs represent many things: fall, winter, night, darkness, males, fire, energy, will, wealth, work, luck, and happiness 1.

The playing cards arrived in Europe at roughly the same time as paper money and gunpowder, and by the early eleventh century were in widespread use in France. We can find this motive in many paintings and manuscripts as fifteenth-century print of Rouen has a title: ’Le Revers du Jeu des Suisses’ and shows a number of royal personages and their followers around a card table 2. The cards were hand painted and presented hunting games, mythological scenes, astronomical symbolics, heraldic, calligraphic etc.

Astronomical playing cards made at Nürnberg at 1719.


Life is a game, which is not always fair, however if You play with heart and give it your best shot, you are going to win in the end.


"Be true to the game, because the game will be true to you. If you try to shortcut the game, then the game will shortcut you. If you put forth the effort, good things will be bestowed upon you. That's truly about the game, and in some ways that's about life too."

                                                                                     Michael Jordan 3


Because we do not understand that life is just a Game, We Live with misery and Die of Shame 4.

       In our life, in the world who is running faster and faster, we must choose we want to stand, walk or run. Some of us can also fly. But in my opinion the most important thing is to realize that Your life is Your game. You must know who You are, why You are here and what you must do. You must have self-esteem and respect Yourself for the person You are. Life is a journey from birth to death. We can’t escape life. We did not choose our birth and the moment of death will come when it has to. But we must live, not just exist. We must not just follow the herd. We must open our wings that have been tied with strings and we must fly like a bird. We must explore, ask questions, investigate the options and ultimately, realize the truth. This is important to achieve the ultimate purpose of life.

Conventionally, hand engraving and hunter shotguns have been hand-in-hand. The possession of a richly decorated and engraved shotgun proves the rank and splendor of the owner. It serves not only in hunting or combat, but also to decorate the armory and be an object of admiration and desire. Owners often pose with their intricately carved guns for official portraits. Today engraved guns and watches are coveted collector’s items.

The traditional art of hand engraving is now also venturing into the modern world. World-class titanium steel knives engraved delicately with a timeless, classic style of art - yet art that is harmonious with the contemporary trends – at M. Kalla Artist, this is precisely our forte.

Engraving and the fashioning of high art, however, is done not just to convey the beauty of an ornament or a motif. Foremost, we convey emotions. For our clients and supporters avidly following our work, we create a feeling of magic and olden whimsy. To provoke deeper reflection and a search for profound meaning is the true purpose of art. Through our engravings, we aim to touch souls.



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