EDC Every Day Carry


EDC, i.e. knives, pens, fountain pens, pencils, tools, screwdrivers, multitools, collector's gadgets. An exceptionally pleasant challenge


I must admit that EDC knives, EDC pens, EDC fountain pens, EDC tools, EDC screwdrivers, EDC multitools, EDC collectibles take a special place in our collection. There is nothing greater for our knifemakers and creators than taking up challenges, and when creating EDC, the creator faces a real dilemma. A useful tool should fit in a small form, and at the same time it should be distinguished by its appearance and intimidate with its aesthetics. After all, somewhere on the blade of the knife or the pen clip there is a sign of the artist. This specific signature is a synonym of passion and quality resulting from many years of experience, trial and errors leading to perfection.


What are and what are the functions of EDC items?


Simply put, the abbreviation EDC (Every Day Carry) means equipment that is intended for everyday use. It fits easily in a pocket, is light and functional. If we add to this carefully handcrafted work and excellent materials, we get a perfect tool that will not fail in the field, and in extreme cases will save life as a rescue knife. And most importantly, EDC knives do not have to be expensive. Just take a look at the Skeleton Neck series from LKW. Bohler K720 steel, Kydex scabbard and Stonewashed finish. The functional and original knife will satisfy lovers of a raw form and all those who want a unique tool at an affordable price. Melon multitools are very affordable, yet fully functional and durable. Customization fans will also find scales for Victorinox pocket knives and other interesting gadgets from Woro Knives. Interesting and unusual tools and bars are offered by FormaForm. For very demanding customers, we offer exclusive EDC items such as pens, pencils, fountain pens and screwdrivers from Makar or collectible gadgets such as Mjolnir from Ostap Hel


EDC knives for everyone


Our collection includes knives that meet the requirements of all users. In order to list and describe the EDC knives on offer, it would be necessary to create quite an extensive reading. Fortunately, it is enough to look at the website to see that we are dealing with individual projects. Tools created by people full of passion. From the above-mentioned Skeleton, through the works of BM Knives, Rato Knives, AK, or stylish designs by Paweł Pruciak, to those deserving the name of useful works of art by Moose, Micho, Gielniak, Nowodworski, and G-Custom. The most refined designs, made of several types of materials, deserve the name of collector's knives, and this is much more than ordinary knives. They are works of art. A work of art is an investment that will gain value in the future.


EDC set


The EDC set is a collection of a small number of items adapted to be carried outside the home. They are to help in everyday activities, but also in crisis situations. The selection of items depends on the individual needs and possible threats to the owner. In our store you will find many interesting items for your EDC set.


EDC items are waiting to be discovered


Most of them boast an individual approach to customer needs. In fact, only a few masters who create unique designs are able to respond to even the most unusual challenges. Because challenges are our daily bread. We invite you to the world of passion, art and functionality. Our EDC items are waiting to be discovered..