Hunting knives

Good hunting knives are not afraid of challenges.

Hunting is an elite activity with a very long tradition. It is also an important function for the protection of animals and the environment. The Polish Hunting Association and local clubs associate approximately 127,000 hunters. Each of them should be equipped with the best quality, reliable equipment. In addition to a reliable and beautiful hunting weapon, a good hunting knife should be the basic equipment of every hunter.

Good hunting knives, what does it mean? First of all, they were created specifically to perform tasks related to all the challenges facing hunters. Against all appearances, it is not only about gutting and skinning game, but also about typical work in difficult terrain. Cutting wood, synthetics, opening cans are just a few of the basic tasks in which a knife can turn out to be a necessary assistant. Specific environmental conditions require two basic features of knives: hardness and resistance to abrasion. A useful ,but not essential feature is rust resistance. The absolute minimum that the hunter can use the knife with full satisfaction and confidence can be met under several conditions.

Professional hunting knives. Durability for years.

First, steel. Our craftsmen mainly use high-quality tool steels with a hardness of 59 HRC and above. The most popular steel is K110 Bohler  (D2 steel), which combines affordable price, abrasion resistance and good corrosion resistance. The cheapest is K720 Bohler steel ( O2 steel) - good tool steel, but has low corrosion resistance. In our opinion, the best steels for hunting knives are the Bohler M390, M398 and Elmax stainless powder steels. For the most demanding customers, we offer the entire spectrum of carbon and stainless damascus. The issue of finishing the handle is not without significance. In addition to their utility values, professional hunting knives should be at least pretty. Materials often used by our makers to build handles are reliable G10 laminates, micarta, stabilized wood, carbon fiber, and glass fiber. These materials ensure water resistance and durability. For the production of sheaths, reliable Kydex and natural leather are most often used.

Only for the toughest hunters. Exclusive hunting knives.

The many years of experience and passion of the knifemakers from Polish Custom Knives can be seen at every stage of creation. For the most demanding users, our artists make real gems. Exclusive hunting knives. Unique and elite. These real works of art, apart from their functional perfection, have features that cannot be found in mass production. The perfect combination of synthetic, natural and unique materials, such as Fat Carbon, a mammoth tooth, walrus tusk, iron wood, blades shimmering with a stunning mosaic damascus and hand-finished natural leather scabbards, elevate our knives above average. Polish Custom Knives is a place for true trophy hunters.