Tactical knives

Knives for tactical tasks are inextricably associated with the equipment of the army. And there is nothing wrong with this association. These knives are the basic equipment of every soldier. Sometimes, in extreme combat conditions, survival depends on a good quality knife.

Tactical knives. Military origin in civilian hands.

It often turns out that technical innovations that make everyday life easier start in the army. What works on the battlefield and in military conditions for a long time will only after some time be used in civilian market. Before technologies, devices and materials fall into civilian hands, they are often subjected to various tests carried out under extreme conditions. The process is reminiscent of a soldier's selection that only the toughest, most enduring, and most useful soldiers undergo. It is similar with most weapons and equipment. Starting with basic equipment such as tactical knives, ending with advanced technologies.

Professional tactical knife. The perfect partner.

So what should a professional tactical knife look like? It should definitely be handy and "fast". Being active in unfamiliar terrain requires extreme vigilance and immediate action. Hence, a good tactic must open easily, even with one hand, and the knife with a fixed blade should almost "stick" to the hand. A firm grip and high operability are a guarantee of effectiveness.

The best tactical knives. Quality without compromise.

What distinguishes tactical knives from other tools are the materials. When the toughest tasks have to be tackled, and the matter is often put on the edge of a knife, there is no room for compromise. What counts is hard, hardened steel, durable handle and scabbard. It's basically obvious. But only knives made by real craftsmen, blacksmiths, armorers who know their stuff like no other guarantee reliability. And that's what the people of polishcustomknives are like. They use only the highest quality steel to produce their creations. The most popular steel is K110 Bohler or D2 steel, which combines affordable price, abrasion resistance and good corrosion resistance. The cheapest is K720 Bohler steel, or O2 - good tool steel, but has low corrosion resistance. In our opinion, the best steels for tactical knives are the Bohler M390, M398 and Elmax stainless powder steels. For the most demanding customers, we offer a whole spectrum of carbon and stainless damascus with a hardness of 59 HRC upwards. G10 and micarta laminates are a range of good materials for the handle, Kydex or natural leather will be perfect for making a scabbard.

Tactical knives from polishcustomknives. The way to perfection.

By adding the above-described elements together, we get almost perfect tactical knives. The only thing that is missing to complete perfection is, or perhaps even uniqueness, and a unique touch. Only the passion and experience of polishcustomknives masters create unique, grinded, hardened and forged knives especially for you. To serve with reliability and enjoy beauty for many years.