Survival knife - durability above all

The most important features that each survival knife should have are durability, i.e. good impact strength and proper sharpness, i.e. resistance to abrasion. If it meets the above-mentioned features, we can buy it with full conviction. Most often it is made of steel, that is, an alloy of iron and carbon. To improve the quality of the steel, other elements called alloying additives are added. Most often, good survival knives are made of O2 carbon steel, i.e. Bohler K720, D2, i.e. Bohler K110, NZ3, NZ4 and extremely durable Bohler Vanadis 4E. A survival knife should be able to avoid deformations caused by heavy loads, resistance to any defects in the cutting edge, and be resistant to cracks caused by sudden, dynamic loads.

What are the survival knives for?

Above all, they are great for adventurers who want to find new and exciting experiences in their lives. Survival knives are perfect for entering the forest and performing many activities that require a really sharp tool. First of all, we are talking about cutting wood for a shelter or a fire. Survival knives are also perfect for preparing meals in the field. It should also not be forgotten that survival knives can be used as a defensive tool in the event of an emergency, they will also help us cut seat belts and break the glass in the event of a car accident. Their well-shaped handle and the appropriate length of the blade are perfect for this.

Survival knives with a fixed blade - is it worth it?

Survival knives with a fixed blade can undoubtedly be distinguished for their durability. To be able to take full advantage of their wide possibilities, however, you should have a properly fitted scabbard, in which you can completely safely hide the knife, without the risk of it accidentally falling out. Survival knives with a fixed blade can be used even in the toughest conditions and will perform flawlessly in any situation. It is the perfect choice for anyone looking for the highest quality survival knife.

Survival knife - convenience and comfort of use

In the case of such specialized tools as a survival knife, we need to be sure of stabilization and safety. Such materials used to make the handle as Micarta or G10 ensure a secure and comfortable grip of the knife in all conditions, even in the case of a wet hand. It fits perfectly with a properly fitted scabbard, which can be mounted without any problems on a belt or backpack. A survival knife must have a sure grip and the fingers cannot slip onto the blade. Some handles have a special cable hole at the end and have an extended tang that can be used as a glass breaker.