Usage remarks

  • Be careful! All of the knives are really sharp!
  • The knife is designed for cutting, don’t use it as a crowbar or a dart.
  • Please remember, that the knife needs to be kept sharp at all times. Only then can it be used for its purposes.
  • The knife shouldn’t be washed in a dishwasher. It can result in it being damaged or destroyed.
  • Before putting your knife into the scabbard, please make sure that it is fully dry.
  • Preserve the knife’s blade regularly, with the help of the special PRUCIAK PROTECTOR
  • In case of folding knife, unless necessary, do not disassemble the knife !!!
  • The knife has open type bearings. If dirt gets in, you can wash it off with hot water, dry it with compressed air and apply a small amount of oil from the outside

  • Wipe off any excess oil and the knife is ready for use

  • As the knives are used, a completely natural phenomenon of changing color of the linings can be observed. Anodized titanium has the property that it darkens upon contact with grease, and to restore its original appearance and shine, the knife must be thoroughly degreased. The situation is different with DLC and PVD coatings, which we recommend lubricating with Herman Glide oil, rubbing a small amount of oil into the entire knife, and then wiping the knife dry.
  • From some time now, we have been using new bearing washers made of sintered carbide. They are very hard and, combined with a new type of pivot with a smaller thread pitch, provide the bearings with incredible smoothness of operation, thanks to the possibility of very precise pivot adjustment. The cracking of ceramic balls can occur if the pivot is tightened too much, as all bearing elements are very precise and have very small tolerances.
    A smaller thread pitch provides greater precision in adjustment, but it comes with a trade-off, significantly increasing the pressure on ceramic balls and carbide washers.


    Please be careful to tighten the pivot only to the point where blade play stops, and no tighter, as this can result in cracking of the ceramic balls or the sintered carbide washer.

    We have had several instances where people improperly tightened the pivot too much in the new Herman bearing system, causing the bearing balls to crack. The new Herman Torx T20 screwdriver, which is quite hefty and encourages users to experiment with knife adjustments, likely contributes to this issue. By the way, this screwdriver was designed from the ground up by Bartosz Herman and is manufactured in-house at Herman Knives.