I have always been interested in knives and all kinds of white weapons, but the idea to make them myself came to me in 2013. I found a forum for knife makers by chance and knifemaking became my primary hobby. I bought the basic tools - a drill, a small belt grinder and a pile of hand tools. At first I started in the garage, and with time I found myself a small workshop.

I do not have my own forge, so I buy flat bars of steel dedicated for this kind of products, I cut out the shape, lay the cuts and after hardening I frame.

Preconditioned  blades are sent to professional steel hardening and tempering plants.

Most often I make hunting knives - because I have been hunting for over 25 years - I know what requirements such knives should meet.

Most often I use D2 steel (K110), sometimes (mainly on request) branded damast steel (Damasteel, Balbach) or powder steel (mainly K390). They provide high hardness and long blade lasting time, which are the basic conditions I require from a good knife.

At the moment, I am only making knives with pernament blades.

I prefer to use natural materials such as wood, bone, horns, antlers and brass, copper and new silver. I often decorate my knives with scrimshaw, filework, etching and engraving techniques. The pouches are made of cowhide, sometimes combined with exotic skins (raja, sea snake).

The knives I make are unique, I don't make knives in series, I don't have models to duplicate.

Knifemaking is a pleasure for me, I do it in my spare time and when I have the right mood, so the time of making one knife lasts at least 1 month.