Tools, multitools, titanium pens, titanium fountain pens, titanium screwdrivers, titanium and brass prybars, paperweights are useful items for everyday use.

In this category we offer:

Titanium pens, titanium fountain pens, titanium pencils, titanium screwdrivers from Makar Knives & Tools are in a class of their own. All of them are hand-made in single piece, each of them is unique and exceptional. Makar does not accept compromises, attention to detail and the level of finish is total High-End.

Who hasn't heard of Thor's famous hammer? Mjolnir from Ostap Hel is a class by itself, it can be used as a paperweight or just a gadget for everyday carry, a worrystone for relieving stress. You can attach a bead from Ostap to Mjolnir, which will make it easier to pull it out of your pocket.

Custom scales for Victorinox pocket knives made of titanium, copper and brass, custom titanium prybars and WoroStone stress relief stones are offered by Woro Knives. These items are handmade in one piece and have fans all over the world.

Paperweights in various interesting forms, often with the function of a bottle opener, bars with a similar function and a slot for bits, worrystone stress relief stones are offered by FormaForm. Hand made and attention to detail are FormaForm's strengths.

Simple and cheap multitools from Melontools, which are also very durable, functional and ingenious, always have a bottle opener, often a prybar, a slotted screwdriver, various wrenches for screws and a key ring. Mooltitools from Melontools also have a very interesting and often funny form. Mooltitools and survival stoves from Melontools are the perfect gift idea.