Protect Your Knife

Protect Your Knife

Knife and leather protectors

Knife protectors. Caring for your favorite knives

Knives. It happens that they land in water. Sometimes they are dirty with blood after a successful hunt. Contact with food while preparing meals is also a challenge for our knives. They bravely bear all "humiliations" and the difficulties that nature puts before them. We have no doubts that they will endure a lot, but from time to time they need a little care and attention. After all, they are to serve us for many years, while maintaining the original glow, durability and functionality. There is no better way to take care of our favorite set than the protectors for knives from Paweł Pruciak.


Knife protectors. Quality backed by experience

However, do not be deceived by the simple form, compact shape and convenient stick that allows for immediate use of the preparation. Knife protectors are the result of many hours of tests, piles of reading and practice. Thanks to this, we are sure that you are getting the highest quality series of products created by knife enthusiasts and for knife enthusiasts.


Knife protectors. Comprehensive protection

Pruciak knife protectors are a comprehensive protection. To keep the blade in perfect condition, away from unwanted rust, use the protector blade. A thoughtful composition consisting of the hardest Brazilian wax, the right dose of jojoba oil and more delicate beeswax. But what would magic be without secrets? The mixture includes an original and mysterious mixture of protector base. All this to protect the beautiful steel blade. To take care of handles made of exotic stabilized wood and laminates, it may turn out that linseed oil is not enough. The bull's eye will be protector exotic green. Its base is tung oil from China. Dense and resistant to weather conditions. Enriched with the protector base, it will keep a beautiful shine and glow.


Skin protectors. 100% natural protection

The skin also requires special attention and care. For this purpose, protector leather was created. The unique combination of oils and macadamia oil, which is the base, with the addition of lanolin and shea butter, effectively lubricate the skin. The addition of protector base, waxes and propolis, will provide an effective shield against mold. And if we are at the skin, be sure to check out the hand-made stick scabbard. You can have them all at hand. In a convenient and original form. Skin protectors are very efficient and easy to use. It is enough to extend 1-2 mm, spread it with your finger on the surface and finally polish it with a cloth. All sticks are made of 100% natural ingredients and may come into contact with food.