My name is Rafał Kolakowski and I operate under the name RAVS Custom.

 I have always been interested in knives and at some point in my life I decided to delve into the subject and invest in tools that allowed me to make them. You know, nothing comes easy, so after many trials and errors I started to shape my own style.

The process of making the knife is an idea - design - implementation. I do not make knives according to the client's idea or design and this gives me freedom of action, because each knife is 100% of my creativity.

I use various materials, but the most common are stainless steel, stabilized wood and synthetics: G10 / Micarta / juma. Heat treatment is done by people who deal with it professionally, but in the future I also intend to harden myself. I like challenges and development related to it, which is why in this profession I fulfill my ambitions very well.

RAVS Custom is a brand that aims to satisfy every fan of sharpness.