Neck knives

Neck knives - features of a good knife

On the market you can find many offers of knives worn around the neck. However, to be sure of the best purchase, you should only buy from proven sources. Neck knives in our store come only from the best producers, such as Herman, AK, LKW, G-Custom, Cronos, Rato, BM or Pruciak. The knives offered to you are distinguished on the market by their lightness and proper ergonomics, providing the necessary comfort and safety. In order to provide our customers with full functionality, the necks we offer have strings, neck straps as well as leather and kydex sheaths. Thus, our products can be worn around the neck, at the waist or attached to various types of equipment.

Neck knives - application

Neck knives offered in our store are very useful, especially in certain situations. Tools of this type have two main uses: utilitarian and in self-defense. Small sizes and a discreet application on the neck make this type of knife surprise the attacker every time. The specialized necks available in our offer have a specially designed blade to be able to safely and very precisely operate it, also in tactical applications. . Taking into account the typical utility application, each neck knife will work well in works requiring precise cutting, planing or cutting. As you can see, despite its small size and light weight, the equipment can do a lot.

Neck knives - advantages

Neck knives have many advantages, which is why they are so eagerly purchased. The biggest advantage of necks is that hanging around the neck, they are available in any situation, while removing a traditional knife from the scabbard is sometimes difficult or even impossible. In tactical situations, the discreet location of the knife gives a powerful advantage, which is the element of surprising the opponent. Knives hung around the neck will also provide usability when we are scantily dressed, for example during canoeing trips and we cannot attach a regular knife to the belt. Among other things, in such situations, small knives around the neck are really irreplaceable.

Neck knives - store offer

If you need a light and handy knife, the products offered by our store will meet these expectations. Neck knives from our store have effective blades and are functional, so they can be successfully used for a variety of tasks. In order to meet the innermost needs of our customers, we offer knives from many manufacturers known for the quality of their products.