My name is Mariusz Kowacki.

I've been interested in white weapons since I was a child. I've always been fascinated by sabers.

I made my first knife in 2010, and like most of my later knives, I donated it.

The first one, made of a metal file, made me want to create more.

I followed the achievements of experienced knifemakers on the Knives.pl forum from where I drew inspiration and theoretical knowledge.

Working as a driver, I did not have much time to develop my interests, but I tried to devote my free time to cultivating my hobby.

For the past four years, thanks to my acquaintance with a colleague from LKW, I have been creating more and more often, and I hope that it gets better and better. Thanks to his advice and tips, I deepen my knowledge in the field of knifemaking.

I wanted to turn my hobby into a way of life and I'm slowly putting it into practice.

I create classic knives with wooden handles in leather sheaths, but also tactical ones. With G10 or micarta handles, kydex sheaths.

I am constantly improving my workshop to be better and better.