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Basic data:

Dimensions approx. +/- 1.0mm

Thickness: 9.5 mm

Width: 12.5 mm

Height: 87.5 mm

Weight before machining: 70g

#MINIPRYBAR is nothing more than a term for a family line of items whose main function is to combine a "bottle opener" and a "lever/pry bar". In my free translation it means "MINI PRY BAR".

#Needle is nothing more than a bottle opener, its secondary function can be anything that comes to mind, but is distinguished by the added space for a standard BIT philips. Like all FORM items, #Needle has a hole for paracord.


My name is Paweł and I live in Poznań. I have always been fascinated with constructing, designing and creating various (needed or less needed) things, so I am glad that I can both professionally and as a hobby fulfill my youthful fascinations, at work: as a creative constructor and for two years now as a hobby: FORMA/FORM, creating objects from copper and brass. This second activity gives me a strong sense of fulfillment (because I can!). I dream that in a few years' time passion will turn into a main professional activity, as a designer and a manufacturer of classic "things to have".

My main interest is the form, simple but with a hidden "taste". The first two batches of product were hand-made from scratch. Nowadays, after cutting with water, I try to finish the raw shapes individually so that each item is unique. Patina for openers and stones "to have" I choose randomly, and their quantity I assume in advance for a given month and possibly alter them afterwards.

I try to make every opener or object that I create meet the aesthetic and functional requirements. My products undergo a strict evaluation and I make sure that they fit the convection, thanks to which they acquire a unique character, and at the same time are fully usable for the possibilities of their FORMS and materials used.

Instagram: @formaform

Attention, please:

As a result of the patination process, the colour of copper and brass changes over time.