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Blade: 4H13 Steel 8.3 mm, 54 HRC

Coating / blade finish: Polished

Handle: Black Oak

Sheath: Leather

Weight: 247 g

Overall length: 215 mm

Blade length: 100 mm

Cutting edge length: 110 mm

My name is Kosma Źrebiec and I was born in 1984. To be able to fully describe what I do today I have to start the story from the period of my youth. In my family home you could always smell oil paints and turpentine in the air, and the music that accompanied that was jazz, blues, rock and classical. My father painted paintings and my mom was a theatre and opera artist. They encouraged me to enrol into the High School of Fine Arts in my town Tarnów, which turned out to be a very good decision. I studied furniture making, renovation, painting, sculpture and sensitivity to nature, art and people. Immediately after school fate drove me to my father's company which dealt with metalwork and artistic blacksmithing. Having a great desire to continue to develop myself artistically, I discovered what I had at hand - "METAL". I took up modern sculpture and started to create "POSTAPOCALIPTIC" visions of the future. I had several quite successful exhibitions in various art galleries in Poland and abroad. I've always been interested in knives and one day I realized that for two years I have had a forge and I could make knives myself. And I've been making them for 15 years now. Currently I am professionally involved in gunsmithing, but it is in knives that I fulfil myself artistically. My inspirations are mainly nature and the material itself. I always put the functionality and quality first and the aesthetics of the work is just a nice addition.