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A purely off-road knife, a bushcraft knife, a survival knife, a forest knife. It was made of NMV (O2) carbon steel with a thickness of 4.5 mm

For the sake of completeness, the product is entirely made in Poland, we do not use any services, and we buy materials and semi-finished products from Polish suppliers!

The blades are hardened at 58-59 HRC, so that the knife is a compromise between high impact strength and good sharpness

The handle is made of orange G10(synthetic material), has been sandblasted for a better grip in the hand. Mounted on black screws.


The blade is covered with CERAKOTE ceramic paint from the Elite series, this treatment gives the knife an elegant appearance but also cuts off the oxygen supply to the steel - at the same time making it resistant to weather conditions. The paint may scratch with time and wear off with heavy use.

For this type of finish, we recommend buying Pruciak Protector available in the "Protect Your Knife" tab to protect the blade from weather conditions.



Blade: NMV O2 carbon tool steel,

thickness 4.5 mm (0.1772 "), hardness 58-59 HRC

Coating / blade finish: Cerakote

Handle: Orange G10

The scabbard made of ABS is equipped with the possibility of mounting in 3 ways:
1.assembly to the belt
2. PALS system
3. assembly of the Tek-Lok mount

Weight: 254 g (8.96 oz.)

Overall length: 246 mm (9.69 ")

Blade length: 127 mm (5 ")

Blade width: 31 mm (1.22 ")

It all started with DIY in a home garage, after watching a YouTube video entitled "How to Make a Knife" or something like that .. I also wanted to try my hand. I am talking about 2016, when I made my first knives (some of them have not seen the light of day so far). This is how my adventure with fulltime knifemaking began, one order, then another, in a word - continuous development. Until the day when I was forced to open an online store to be able to control my orders. - Daniel, he's the boss of this gang.

Of course, I'm not working alone at the moment :)

We also have Janek - knifemaker and accountant in one. An interesting thing, because he escaped from one paper into another (we are talking about abrasive ones here) :) He will sand, stick, sharpen if necessary. He's always got new ideas.

and Szymon - he has dealt with knives for a long time, but occasionally, while in our company he is an electrical-electronic technologist

In this way, we create a small team for working with knives: D