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The sharpening device KAZAK “Model 100” is intended primarily for work in sharpening workshops. When designing the device , the following tasks were solved:
– ensuring the increased rigidity of the device
– providing increased device resource
– minimum amount of service
The device does not require lubrication of the main components for 6 years. The turntable has no analogues in the market of sharpening devices.


Two angular contact adjustable bearings are used in the rotary assembly. Thanks to this, it is possible to adjust the bearings in such a way that the shaft of the rotary assembly has absolutely no backlash either in the radial or axial direction. The housing of the rotary assembly is made of aluminum and is closed from the ends with two covers in which there are seals against dust.
The frame has a length of 200 mm. It is quickly removed from the shaft. The knife clips are painted black so that the user’s eyes do not get tired. The minimum distance between the knife clips is 75 mm when measured on the outside. Fixing of the frame is realized with the help of magnetic hydraulic clamps of a special design. The shaft can be blocked from turning.
The sharpening angle adjustment unit is a toothed rail along which the carriage moves. The carriage does not require additional fixation. There is a sliding unit with a protractor on the carriage. Linear bearing made of German plastic.
The guide rod is made of aluminum, anodized. It consists of two parts for easy storage and transportation. It has a length of 760 mm when assembled. The weight is 195 grams.
The sharpening device is supplied in a convenient plastic case.
Technical data
The weight of the device is 8.25 kg net.
Width — 260 mm
Depth — 320 mm
Height — 440 mm.

The legs are adjustable, have anti—slip pillows. The base plate and mounting plate are made of steel with a thickness of 10 mm, painted with powder. Mounted on the mounting plate:
— rotary assembly
— bracket with magnetic clips
— turn locking unit
— node for quick adjustment of the sharpening angle
There is a place on the mounting plate for zeroing the electronic goniometer.

The company "Kazak Poland" has been producing knife sharpeners since 2014. Thanks to the joint efforts of designers and engineers, the "Kazak Poland" brand quickly became one of the leading manufacturers of sharpening devices in the world.

Distinctive features of grinding devices “Kazak”:

  • Simplicity and convenience of construction;
  • Application of high-quality construction materials;
  • Manufacturing of details with high accuracy;
  • Attractive appearance;
  • Fair price, corresponding to the level of manufacture of devices.

The big effort of our company does not stop there, constantly improving the quality and improving the design of the grinding devices “Kazak”.

The convenience and quality of the sharpening devices “Kazak” were highly appreciated by users from Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Israel, Lithuania, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Ireland, USA and Taiwan.