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Blade Material: Steel K110 3.5 mm

Coating / blade finish: Satin

Handle Material: Coffee immersed in resin, G10, Micarta

Sheath: Leather

Weight: 164 g

Overall length: 235 mm

Blade length: 110 mm

Professionally I am an active architect. In so called ‘free time’ I make knives, which are presented on the following photos. I probably do it to ease my need of creating (to redeem myself from my childhood days, when I had the need of destroying).

They are made from design to implementation.

I make blades from Bohler (K110, N690, K390) tool steel by the method of machining (cutting and grinding). I harden them in the heat-treating plant. Next I make handles using natural materials (wood, animal antlers), metal (carbon fiber, resin laminates) and synthetic materials (carbon fiber, resin laminates) . At the end I sew leather scabbards.