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Blade Material: Steel N690, 0,3-5,3 mm

Coating / blade finish: Satin

Handle Material: Stabilized Maple

Box: Stabilized Wood

Weight: 59 g

Overall length: 255 mm

Blade length: 78 mm

Length after folding: 175 mm

Knives are the passion of mine which hasn’t left me for many years now. Starting with shy attempts which haven’t survived through my self-criticism and ended up in a drawer or…

With time they got bolder, and then I took a break.

Today I know that this is what I love doing and with a big ‘L’. I make each knife by hand, and in each, I put a lot of effort, sweat, heart and on more than one occasion, tears if it doesn’t go as I planned it to. The selection of materials and design is dictated by my frequently distorted taste. I mostly lean towards natural materials like leather, wood, antlers etc. With that: carbon steel, which repeatedly surprises me with its cutting and mechanical qualities. Each knife is one of the kind, there are no two of the same one, though series of a few appear. I invite you all to follow my actions. Hoping that you won’t be disappointed.