Pirate Coffin Brass Naked 218

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Material: Brass

Length: 65mm

Thickness: 4mm

Weight: 32g

My name is Andrzej Woronowski. I live in Gdansk city in Poland and I'm a full time automation engineer and hobbyist knives, scales and pocket tools maker. 
My first knife was made for myself in 2005. After that, I continued to make more and more knives and finally, knifemaking became my biggest hobby and passion.
Nowadays, my works are made with the help of my brother Kamil, who is also an engineer and hobbyist CNC machines constructor. 
In 2015, I moved my knifemaking stuff from the garage in my parents house to a workshop located in Gdansk, and then we started using our self-made CNC machines. From now on, all our products are 100% made by us in our workshop.
Our work combines the original design with high-quality machining and handmade finish. In most cases we use metals such as titanium, brass and copper. I really like experimenting with different types of finishes on these metals. We often combine our EDC works with pop culture by adding themes from movies and video games.
Recently, I make mostly scales for knives (Victorinox Swiss Army Knives) and pocket tools - pry tools and bottle openers. My goal for the future is to make more EDC knives, such as necks and folding knives. 

Instagram: @woro_knives

Important note about materials: Brass is not as strong as titanium. Copper is softer than brass and much softer than titanium. That is why brass and copper are not good materials for tools with prying functions etc. The color of copper and brass changes over time due to the oxidation process.