Pendant „skull COVID-19” made of copper 4

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Material: copper

Width: 39.7 mm

Height: 46.7mm

Thickness: 5mm

Weight: 46g

Hello. My name is Anatol Szews and I have lived in Lower Silesia since I was born. I am 31 years old, but only for about half a year I have been creating various everyday gear such as prybars, brass pencils and something easy on the eye, e.g. copper and brass dice, knife beads and more, as well as skulls with a Star Wars motif and others. Recently, I have also started producing scales for Victorinox pocket knives and other folding knives. I started my adventure thanks to a friend who invited me to the EDC group on one of the social networks. After seeing other people's works and gadgets, I decided that I could do something nice too. And that's how it started. Despite such a short time, I am developing quite dynamically, creating newer and newer projects. I mainly use copper, brass, titanium, black oak and plastics. I encourage you to visit my Instagram profile: asz_knifemaker_edc