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“Optimal” set of Boride stone’s with aluminium blank(for sharpening) :

Boride stone CS-HD Grit 120

Boride stone T2 Grit 220

Boride stone T2 Grit 400

Boride stone T2 Grit 800

Boride stone T2 Grit 1200

A box for storing stones KAZAK

The size of the aluminum blank 162*25*3 mm.

Stone CS-HD silicon carbide. Works with water.

Stone T2 aluminium oxide. Works with oil.

The company "Kazak Poland" has been producing knife sharpeners since 2014. Thanks to the joint efforts of designers and engineers, the "Kazak Poland" brand quickly became one of the leading manufacturers of sharpening devices in the world.

Distinctive features of grinding devices “Kazak”:

  • Simplicity and convenience of construction;
  • Application of high-quality construction materials;
  • Manufacturing of details with high accuracy;
  • Attractive appearance;
  • Fair price, corresponding to the level of manufacture of devices.

The big effort of our company does not stop there, constantly improving the quality and improving the design of the grinding devices “Kazak”.

The convenience and quality of the sharpening devices “Kazak” were highly appreciated by users from Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Israel, Lithuania, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Ireland, USA and Taiwan.