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Blade: BOHLER N690 stainless steel,

4.6 mm (0.1811 ") thickness, 58 HRC hardness

Blade finish: Stonewashed

Handle: Micarta

Sheath: Kydex

Weight: 319 g (11.25 oz.)

Overall length: 265 mm (10.43 ")

Blade length: 134 mm (5.28 ")

Blade width: 37 mm (1.46 ")

My name is Radosław Łęgowik. I’ve been making knives since 2007. With time my passion turned into my work. I make the knives based on my own designs, which makes them fully usable and unique tools. I conduct the process of hardening and heat treating by myself, which guarantees the highest quality and lasting power of my blades in various fields of use such as hunting, bushcraft, survival.

I use only high quality materials such as steel from the ironwork N690/K110 (D2) and high carbon steel NMV (O2). On the knife handles I most frequently use G10 laminate and micarts, which guarantee full waterproof and a long lasting effect. I make scabbards myself from KYDEX material. Leather scabbards are also available.

I have categorized my products into two sections.

Tactic knives, for those who favor modern shapes, blade’s detail work and utilitarian and military stylistics. They are made from stainless steel N690 and from the tool steel D2.

Survival knives, fully usable blades, which work in the field. The O2 steel assures the perfect cutting properties, which are seamlessly connected with the ability to sharpen them even in difficult conditions.