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Blade: Damascus steel, forged HGW and N8E steel from Datsko Industrial.

thickness 3.9 mm (0.1535""), hardness 59-60 HRC

Blade Finish: Polished black damascus.

Handle: Wenge wood, stabilized mammoth tooth, G-10, brass, brass pin, African buffalo horn.

Sheath: Cow and crocodile leather made by Viking Leatherwork

Weight: 154 g (5.43 oz.)

Overall Length: 268mm (10.55")

Blade Length: 140mm (5.51")

Blade Width: 33mm (1.13")

My name is Jacek Kropiwnicki born in 1957. I am a construction technician and I earn my living by making plasters of the highest quality.


I have always been interested in weapons (both white and firearms).


A few years ago, when my health began to bother me, I had to slow down in my professional work. I started to spend the excess of free time at the computer watching knifemakers at work. I was so fascinated by it that I decided to try it myself. It is true that I do not forge, but order steel in specialized, reputable stores or from well-known and recognized blacksmiths in the country and abroad. I stabilize the wood on the handle myself, and it took me more than two years of studies and trials to deepen the knowledge about wood stabilization. I made my first knife without any special tools, only with files and sandpaper. Since then, I have been developing my workshop with both hardware and craftsmanship, gaining knowledge and experience. Today I have a workshop quite decently equipped (though not as I would like) and I spend every free moment there. . Working on new projects gives me real fun and satisfaction. Moreover, it teaches patience and calms me down a lot.