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Blade: 80CrV2 steel 4.8 mm (0.1890 ") thick, Double Cutting Edge

Coating / blade finish: Satin

Handle: Rosewood, Aged Mild Steel, Brass

Sheath: Leather

Weight: 470 g (16.58 oz)

Overall length: 450 mm (17.72 ")

Blade length: 300 mm (11.81 ")

Blade width: 49 mm (1.93 ")

Adam Wrociński, born in '97, living in Burzenin since birth.

I have always been interested in the widely understood craft, having access to a workshop, I started getting used to the tools from an early age. Many of my family members were involved in all kinds of crafts, so it was a very natural way for me to spend my time. My childhood fascination with fairy tales and medieval military pushed me towards traditional archery. I quickly discovered that I had more fun creating new gear than using it. With very little knowledge of metalworking, one day, influenced by the program I watched, I decided to make a knife. It was a piece of gutter metal with a handle made of scrap wood and screws, but it had started an avalanche.

I took up "serious" knifemaking at the turn of 2011/2012, when my parents gave me a small belt grinder for Christmas. On it I honed my skills and devoted myself to making knives, and the greatest pleasure is creating difficult, complicated projects, not necessarily very useful.

Fighting knives, especially bowie knives, are my favorite style, both classic coffin and more modern flowing forms. However, I do not limit myself to them only, I try to keep the freshness and variety of my works. One of the most important aspects of craftsmanship for me is good design, with harmonious proportions and dynamic lines. I prefer simple materials, such as carbon steel, wood or copper, that do not distract from the knife's shape.