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Pecora Dagger is a knife whose essence lies in the depths of forest realms, a place full of mysteries and the unspoken power of nature. Its blade, made of mosaic Damascus with a floral pattern, is a masterful creation, reminiscent of the richness and diversity of forest flora. A thickness of 4.3 mm and a hardness of 59 HRC ensure not only durability but also the elegance offered only by the most mysterious corners of nature.

The handle, crafted from the antler of a noble deer, reflects the majesty and strength of these dignified forest inhabitants. Every line and curve of the antler tells the story of countless generations that lived in harmony with wild nature, teaching respect for its limitless mysteries.

The guard, made from a silver and gold alloy, evokes the magical aura that surrounds the forest realms. It serves as a bridge between the world of humans and the mysterious forces of nature, symbolizing both protection and the beauty offered by the forest.

The sheath of embossed water buffalo leather completes the knife, like a tale of dark, deep waters where nature's secrets are hidden. Pecora Dagger is not just a tool but a guide through the unexplored paths of the forest, symbolizing the depth and mystery inherent in every forest.



Blade: Mosaic Damascus, Floral pattern forged by Greg Forge

Thickness: 4.3 mm (0.1693"), Hardness: 59 HRC

Handle: Red deer horn

Guard: Silver and Gold Alloy

Sheath: Embossed water buffalo leather

Weight: 226 g (7.97 oz.)

Overall Length: 265 mm (10.43")

Blade Length: 150 mm (5.91")

Blade Width: 28 mm (1.1")

Janusz Kozolubski "MICHO" born in 1967, scorpion. Knives have been doing for 25 years. Member of the Deutsche Messermacher Gilde ( Favorite style, fantasy and fighter. He lives in western Germany. A breakthrough in his work came when he had the opportunity to look at the work of the master knifemaking, Dietmar F. Kressler, in his workshop at the castle of Odelzhausen. Knives only, One of a Kind