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Immortals, a creation of Micho, is a knife inspired by the legends of immortal Persian warriors. Its design reflects the rich history and mysticism surrounding these figures from the past. The blade, made of mosaic Damascus, with a thickness of 4.75 mm and a hardness of 59 HRC, combines not only exceptional durability but also extraordinary aesthetics, reminiscent of the complexity and elegance of Persian craftsmanship.

The handle made of musk ox horn symbolizes strength and resilience, traits characteristic of legendary warriors. It is a noble and durable material that, over time, acquires a one-of-a-kind character, much like stories passed down from generation to generation.

The guard of the knife, made of a silver and gold alloy, adds luxury and prestige, referencing the wealth of Persian culture and art. Its unique design and craftsmanship emphasize the value of the knife as a work of art, not just a tool.

The sheath, made of embossed leather, adds the final touch to the whole, retaining an element of mystery and tribute to Persian warriors. Immortals is not just a knife – it is a part of history that transports us to a world of legends and heroes, whose unwavering strength has earned them a place in eternal memory.



Blade: Mosaic Damascus, forged by Greg Forge

Thickness: 4,75 mm (0.1870"), Hardness: 59 HRC

Handle: Muskox

Guard: Silver and Gold Alloy

Sheath: Embossed Leather

Weight: 255 g (8.99 oz.)

Overall Length: 275 mm (10.83")

Blade Length: 149 mm (5.87")

Blade Width: 28 mm (1.1")

Janusz Kozolubski "MICHO" born in 1967, scorpion. Knives have been doing for 25 years. Member of the Deutsche Messermacher Gilde ( Favorite style, fantasy and fighter. He lives in western Germany. A breakthrough in his work came when he had the opportunity to look at the work of the master knifemaking, Dietmar F. Kressler, in his workshop at the castle of Odelzhausen. Knives only, One of a Kind