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Discover Ancient Icebreaker – a masterpiece of blacksmithing art that is not just a tool, but also a gateway to wild Arctic adventures of bygone eras. Its blade, forged from three bands of mosaic Damascus, tells a story of unwavering strength and beauty. The top and bottom parts, made of twisted Turkish Damascus, harmonize with the central band, which intricately captures the essence of ice crystals, creating an image of the ice-bound Arctic landscape. The 59 HRC hardness of the blade not only testifies to its extraordinary durability but also reflects the spirit of challenging polar expeditions.

The knife's handle, made from a prehistoric walrus tusk, transports you to times when ancient creatures ruled over lands covered with eternal snow. Every line and curve of the tusk narrates a distant past, endowing the knife with a unique character and soul. The guard, a blend of silver and gold, symbolizes the intertwining of day and night in polar regions, offering protection and a touch of luxury.

The blade is sheathed in ostrich leather, adding an exotic charm to the whole. This unique leather perfectly complements the majestic character of Ancient Icebreaker. It is a knife that is not only a tool but also an artistic object, telling stories of past journeys and the untamed spirit of explorers.

Created by the master blacksmith Micho, Ancient Icebreaker is not just an exceptional collector's item but also a symbol of the wild, untouched mysteries of the Arctic. Its extraordinary history and artisanal perfection make it a jewel in the crown of any high-class knife collector. It is not just a piece of history but a witness to mythical tales of heroes who bravely faced the world.



Blade: Mosaic Damascus forged from three bands of Damascus (top: twisted Turkish Damascus, middle: ice crystals, edge: twisted Turkish Damascus) by Greg Forge

Thickness: 5 mm (0.1969"), Hardness: 59 HRC

Handle: Prehistoric Walrus Tusk

Guard: Silver and Gold Alloy

Sheath: Ostrich Leather

Weight: 408 g (14.39 oz.)

Overall Length: 310 mm (12.20")

Blade Length: 184 mm (7.24")

Blade Width: 35 mm (1.38")


Janusz Kozolubski "MICHO" born in 1967, scorpion. Knives have been doing for 25 years. Member of the Deutsche Messermacher Gilde ( Favorite style, fantasy and fighter. He lives in western Germany. A breakthrough in his work came when he had the opportunity to look at the work of the master knifemaking, Dietmar F. Kressler, in his workshop at the castle of Odelzhausen. Knives only, One of a Kind