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Blade Material: Steel D2 (nc11lv) 3,3 mm

Coating / blade finish: Satin

Handle Material: G10

Weight: 158 g

Overall length: 236 mm

Blade length: 110 mm

My name is Aleksander Kata aka Aleksander Knives and I was born in 2001.

I come from Poland, subcarpathian voivodeship. My adventure with knives started in childhood. Since I was little, I have been interested in knives and white weapon overall. The first knife was given to me by my grandfather, but I’ve always wanted more. One winter morning I came upon a video on which a guy made a knife from scratch. I was very impressed with it then, I’ve gotten inspired and in the result of that my first knife was created of which I was very happy as a young person. Then for a few years, I’ve been making knives for myself. For three years now I have run a website, on which I’ve posted photos of my work. I must admit that I was motivated by people liking my work. With time I’ve developed a utility room and I’ve equipped a workshop with basic tools and machines. With passing years the machine park has grown. My knives are made from various materials. I am really fond of exotic materials such as exotic wood, stabilized wood, and unconventional materials. I can’t deny using micarta, g10 and carbon laminate too. I make knives from various steels: carbon steel, stainless steel, laminate and sometimes powdery steel.

I do not have any favorite type of a knife, I like to experiment with shapes. Designs of my knives are mostly made by me. Sometimes I do it on a customer’s order as well. I’m self-taught, I’ve received some advice from my good friend and other knife-makers. I’m trying to broaden my horizons.

Best regards, Aleksander Knives