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Blade: DAMACORE SAN MAI DC18N steel (ROSE) CORE: N11X SIDES: RWL-34 + PMC 27, 60-61 hrc

Handle: Stainless Steel, G10, Buffalo Horn, Stabilized Rib, Stabilized Mammoth Tusk

The scabbard is made of natural cowhide with a thickness of 3.3-5mm. Lined on the inside with the side of a 1mm thick cowhide, with the face towards the blade. The sheath is pressed, painted and preserved with Fiebings preparations. Made by Viking Leatherwork

Overall length: 347 mm

Blade: 205 mm

Cutting edge: 200 mm

Width: 40 mm

Thickness: 4.8 mm

Jarek Stefaniak (born 87), I've been producing knives since the end of 2016.

Interest in knives began after watching a few videos on YT.

So I decided to give it a try.

The first knife was made, then another one, and so interest turned into passion.

At the moment I am a happy man whose passion has turned into a way of life.

Due to my love for nature and hunting, I started producing knives mainly for hunters and hunting enthusiasts.

I mainly use natural materials such as wood, antlers and other materials of animal origin.

I harden some of the steel for knives myself, some of them are sent to professionals who have better thermal processing equipment.

I am still developing myself and my workshop, there are a lot of things that I would like to learn, so many cool ideas, plans that I would like to implement and all this is ahead of me.

"nothing is impossible, there are only things difficult to do"

"If you do what you love, you won't really work a single day"