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Are you looking for a different type of attachment for your knife? Do you want to buy another one just like it?

Stainless steel holder for mounting the knife to a belt with a loop.

Compatible with all knife models available in the store. Of course, we are talking about those in Kydex sheaths.

The set includes 2 sets of screws. The handle is powder-coated black.

It all started with DIY in a home garage, after watching a YouTube video entitled "How to Make a Knife" or something like that .. I also wanted to try my hand. I am talking about 2016, when I made my first knives (some of them have not seen the light of day so far). This is how my adventure with fulltime knifemaking began, one order, then another, in a word - continuous development. Until the day when I was forced to open an online store to be able to control my orders. - Daniel, he's the boss of this gang.

Of course, I'm not working alone at the moment :)

We also have Janek - knifemaker and accountant in one. An interesting thing, because he escaped from one paper into another (we are talking about abrasive ones here) :) He will sand, stick, sharpen if necessary. He's always got new ideas.

and Szymon - he has dealt with knives for a long time, but occasionally, while in our company he is an electrical-electronic technologist

In this way, we create a small team for working with knives: D