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Blade: Hand-forged Damascus 15 / N20 and O2 steel, deeply etched (approx 50 layers), taper blade from 3mm (0.1181 ") to approximately 0.5mm (0.0197"), 1 cm (0.3937 ") in front of the tip , hardness 60-61 HRC

Handle: Stabilized Wood, Natural Leather Spacer

Weight: 124 g (4.37 oz)

Overall length: 279 mm (10.98 ")

Blade length: 154 mm (6.06 ")

Blade width: 41 mm (1.61 ")

I have always been interested in metalworking, machines and everything related to it ...

The breakthrough came after the broadcast of the program "Forged in fire". Where I saw that people live off the production of knives, after a long time of following the program and browsing the entire "YouTube", I managed to create a workshop and start making knives as a hobby, and so for almost 3 years. My favorite thing to do is to make forged knives from carbon steel (O2, Łh15, ncv1 etc.), I like simple useful designs (there is beauty in simplicity) I make kitchen knives and forest knives. Since August 2021, I have been manufacturing knives full time.