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Blade: N690 Bohler stainless tool steel

thickness 1,8 mm (0.0709"), hardness 58-60 HRC,

sharpening angle 18 °

Blade Finish: Handmade Satin

Handle: Stabilized wood, copper inserts, stainless steel, G10, Pin stainless steel, copper, carbon fiber

Weight: 182 g (6.42 oz.)

Overall length: 305 mm (12.01")

Blade length: 175 mm (6.89")

Blade width: 54 mm (2.13")

I started making knives in early 2020. I made my first knife in the Kłosy workshop. Then I started attending them for the open studio and I stayed that way. I am currently working with the Kłosy studio, helping with some projects and running an open workshop for people who have attended knife courses in Kłosy. Since 2022, under my own logo and brand "Atomic Craft - handmade by Maciej Kałaska", I make mainly full tang kitchen knives. For their production, I most often use N690 steel (90% of production), but I also use D2, K110, M390 and M398 steels. I like to play with the form of the handle, constantly inventing new patterns and joining techniques.

In addition to knives, I also work in wood, making small items and furniture.