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Blade: San-mai forged by Mirosław Kwiatkowski, core with d2 and n690 on the sides, blade etched and polished

thickness 3 mm (0.1181 "), hardness 60 HRC

Handle: Tamboti Wood, Mammoth Tusk, Stainless Steel

Sheath: Tamboti wood lined from the inside with soft leather and Natural Leather

Weight: 92 g (3.25 oz)

Overall length: 219 mm (8.62 ")

Blade length: 102 mm (4.02 ")

Blade width: 20 mm (0.79 ")

When I create, I listen to sci-fi audiobooks, however, my knives are based on classic knife traditions and knowledge of arts. I am a Sculpture graduate from the Faculty of Sculpture of the Gdańsk Academy of Fine Arts, specializing in Medalmaking and Small Sculptural Forms.

In my works, you will find natural materials, exclusive wood species such as snakewood, ebony or desert ironwood. I like to use elk antlers, reindeer and mud buffalo horns. I choose the best powder steels for my blades: Elmax, M390, Vanadis 4 extra and also damasteel.

The scabbards are formed by hand and double stitched (saddle stitch) with cattle leather. I also make wooden or horn.

Animal images made using the scrimshaw technique and etching on the blades make my work stand out. I am also always eager to make my ornamental jewelry and knife or knives to wear around the neck.

I am looking for more and more perfect technical solutions and the best available materials: mammoth tusks and teeth, walrus tusks, wootz.
In the future, I plan to expand my technical workshop with goldsmiths and engravers.

In my free time, I take part in international artistic symposiums making sculptures from ice, snow, and sand. I also conduct workshops on playing djembe drums, I play West African music concerts in the Cocodjembe band.

or I just fish.

Precision and a sense of form are the words that determine the direction of my work. I try to combine beauty with the highest quality, I try to look for harmony between art and craftsmanship so that the knives signed NKJ - Nowodworski Knives and Jewellery- make people happy for years.