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Blade: Feather Damascus O1 / 15n20 4.3 mm

Guard: 316 stainless steel

Handle: Stabilized Maple

Sheath: Leather

Weight: 156 g

Total length: 233 mm

Blade length: 112 mm

My adventure with steel processing began almost 25 years ago, with simple tools and materials that were available at that time.

Over the years, I have created, designed, collected, repaired and modified many knives that, no matter how you look at them, are still a basic human tool.

Every day I try to develop and expand my knowledge and skills so that my work could satisfy the audience with its appearance, quality, ergonomics and usability.

 I hope that my small "works of applied art" will serve you for many years, giving you pleasure in your work, and me the joy of creation.


Janusz Bladowski