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Blade: ELMAX powder stainless steel

3.8 mm (0.1496 ") thick, 61 HRC hardness

Blade Finish: Handmade Satin

Handle: Carbon fiber, G10, Inox

Sheath: Leather

Weight: 226 g (7.97 oz.)

Overall length: 239 mm (9.41 ")

Blade length: 115 mm (4.53 ")

Blade width: 30 mm (1.18 ")

The history of the FALKE company begins thanks to my grandfather Józef, who was a lover of forest hiking and hunting.

In 1950, he created his first forestry knife, which I have today as an invaluable memento of the late Grandpa.

He created not only bushcraft knives, but also small kitchen knives, mainly made of NCV1 steel.

My name is Łukasz Fronczek.

From an early age I was passionate about hunting and cooking, so I used knives and I liked to buy a folding knife or a fulltang from time to time. Unfortunately, due to the wealth of my wallet, I was buying cheap knives, which unfortunately translated into their quality. In 2013, I found there was no point in spending money on low-quality products and made a decision to continue the family tradition and create my custom knife with basic tools. I ordered two d2 flat bars, black g10 and a kydex sheet. Unfortunately, it was not without a visit to the emergency room to sew a hand and a thumb. Despite this unpleasant adventure, the knife turned out quite well for the first play in my life. I treated the sacrifice with my own blood as a lesson for the future, so there was no need to visit the emergency room any more.

After a long time of learning knifemaking, hours of testing, wasted steel during hardening, I found it time to invest in equipment and a new lab.

Today it is a job that gives me a lot of pleasure and satisfaction, especially when the client calls to thank you for such a beautiful product or to congratulate you on your ability.

To this day, it works largely in d2 steel. In my opinion, this is a steel worth paying a lot of attention to due to its high hardenability, aggressive cutting, sharpness and, what's cool, resistance to corrosion compared to other carbon steels. I use a wide range of materials to create my works, such as g10, micarta, acrylic, exotic wood, stabilized wood, hybrids of wood with resin, antlers or a mammoth tooth.

Each product is unique and handmade.

Today, as a hunter and chef of a local restaurant, I use my knives to work both in the kitchen and in the hunting ground, and I am happy to create individual products at the customer's request.