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Blade: Convex grind, M390 powdered stainless steel,

thickness 3.3 mm (0.1299"), hardness 61 HRC

Fork: Bohler N690 stainless steel 2.8 mm (0.1102") thick

Blade Finish: Handmade Satin

Handle: Blue Twill, G10, Carbon Fiber

Sheath: Leather

Weight: 167 g (5.90 oz.) - knife, 85 g (3 oz.) - fork

Total knife length: 243 mm (9.57")

Blade Length: 121mm (4.76")

Cutting edge length: 116 mm (4.57")

Fork overall length: 207 mm (8.15")

My name is Dawid and I was born in 1994. I’ve dealt with handmade knives since 2009 but my story related to this topic has began much earlier.

At the beginning I tried to produce swords, historical reconstructions and other medieval and ancient items but the reality quickly verified my plans.
Short blades were much easier to make than long sabers or swords.
For some time I’ve been tied to traditional materials like carbon steels or natural woods. I expanded my horizons by using the high quality materials and stainless steels.
Now I almost do not make knives from cheap steels and woods. I prefer knives with high corrosion and water resistance so the standard is G10, stabilized materials or exotic woods.
I use many techniques because I don’t like to limit myself to one kind of knives.
You can find here modern knives but also much traditional works.

The tools which I use are basic workshop equipment. For now I have drilling machine, belt grinder and many hand tools like hammers, files and chisels.

I have also the smithy so I can make some forged elements but now I focus on workshop and knives. I plan to start production of ”damascus steel” to expand my possibilities.

Recently I make leather and kydex sheaths for almost all my new works.

Continually I try to develop my skills and workshop because I want to make high quality knives. I put much effort to details and finishing level.
I avoid machine finishing (vertical satin finish, sandblasting).
The main case is quality but at the expense of quantity.