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Presenting the extraordinary folding knife – MICRO STING GROGU 5 from Herman Knives, a masterpiece of craftsmanship created by the masters Bartosz Herman and Janusz Kozolubski "MICHO".

The Micro Sting, being a smaller version of the legendary Sting model, retains all its advantages in a more compact format. This elegant knife features a spear point blade made of the highest quality powdered stainless steel, ideal for precise cuts and demanding tasks. The Micro Sting series utilizes renowned steels such as M390, M398 from Bohler, CPM MagnaCut, Damasteel RWL34, and Damascus steel from Alleima, ensuring exceptional durability and reliability.

The inspiration for this unique model came from the character of Grogu, known for his immense will to survive and unwavering loyalty. Grogu, like the Micro Sting, is small but powerful, ready to face any challenge. Just as Grogu can use the Force for defense and acquisition, the Micro Sting offers unparalleled precision and strength, allowing it to perform even the most demanding tasks. Its compact size does not diminish its power, just as Grogu's small stature hides great strength and determination.

The knife was designed by Bartosz Herman, known for his handcrafting of knives that are not only unique but also functional. His passion for knifemaking and pursuit of perfection is evident in every detail of the Micro Sting. Janusz Kozolubski "MICHO", with over 29 years of experience, brings his unique approach and style to the project, inspired by both fantasy and practical combat knives. His collaboration with master knifemaker Dietmar F. Kressler further emphasizes the craftsmanship and artistic skill involved.

The Micro Sting Grogu 5 is a harmonious combination of lightness, elegance, and functionality. It is not just a tool but a work of art that will satisfy the most demanding connoisseurs. Ideal for everyday use and special occasions, this knife meets all expectations, impressing with its unique design and quality craftsmanship.

Like Grogu, who hides extraordinary abilities behind his modest and unassuming appearance, the Micro Sting Grogu 5 is a tribute to unparalleled knifemaking art and the spirit of adventure, combining the uniqueness and craftsmanship of Herman Knives.


Blade: M398 Bohler stainless powder steel

thickness 3,3 mm (0.1299"), hardness 62 HRC

Blade finish: Beautiful, handmade satin

Handle: Titanium Grade 5

Backspacer: Titanium Grade 5

Clip: Titanium Grade 5

Lock: Titanium Grade 5

Ceramic Ball bearing system handmade by Herman

Additional hardened stainless washers in bearings

Ceramic detent ball

Tungsten carbide on the lock leaf

Tungsten carbide alloy stop pin

Custom TORX T20 pivot with a titanium tool

Dedicated soft pouch by Robbins Custom Cases included

Weight: 81 g (2.86 oz.)

Overall length: 169 mm (6.65 ")

Blade length: 71 mm (2.80 ")

Folded length: 98 mm (3.86 ")

Blade width: 23 mm (0.91 ")

My name is Bartosz Herman. I produce knives according to my own projects and sometimes on an individual order.
I try for every one of my knives to be unique and to enjoy its owner and at the same time to be comfortable and reliable during every day work.
I want to develop my skills even further so that results of my work can keep getting better and better.
I invite You to watch results of my work.


Janusz Kozolubski "MICHO" born in 1967, scorpion. Knives have been doing for 29 years. Member of the Deutsche Messermacher Gilde ( Favorite style, fantasy and fighter. He lives in western Germany. A breakthrough in his work came when he had the opportunity to look at the work of the master knifemaking, Dietmar F. Kressler, in his workshop at the castle of Odelzhausen. Knives only, One of a Kind.