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The "Ishtar" series from Herman Knives showcases a masterful combination of Persian inspiration with cutting-edge technology. Each knife in this collection, while modern in design, carries an echo of the rich Persian blade tradition. This unique fusion of these two worlds is evident in every detail, from the balanced construction to the precisely crafted blades.

Ergonomically designed handles of these knives ensure comfort and a secure grip, perfectly complemented by the use of advanced materials. High-quality steels such as M390 and M398 from Bohler, CPM MagnaCut, Damasteel RWL34, Damascus steel, and Damax from Alleima, combine reliability and durability with aesthetic perfection.

The "Ishtar" series is more than just tools; they are works of art. They perfectly blend functionality with elegance, making them the ideal choice for those seeking a knife that impresses both in performance and exceptional style. Each knife in this series is both a daily companion and a worthy partner in situations that require a reliable tool. "Ishtar" symbolizes excellence, where ancient patterns and modern technology meet, creating an unparalleled line of knives.



Blade: Bohler M390 powder stainless steel,

thickness 3,2 mm (0.1260"), hardness 62 HRC

Blade finish: Stonewash

Handle: Titanium Grade 5

Backspacer: Titanium Grade 5

Clip: Titanium Grade 5

Lock: Titanium Grade 5

Ceramic ball bearing system made by Herman

New improved bearing.

Additional new tungsten carbide washers in bearings with a hardness of 1700 HV (approx. 90 HRC). Special materials and processing of the washers ensure the longevity of each knife.

Ceramic detent ball. Tungsten carbide on the lockbar. Tungsten carbide alloy pin.

Custom new pivot produced 100% by Herman Knives TORX T20, new thread, larger diameter and smaller pitch, allow for easier knife adjustment, along with a dedicated stainless steel screwdriver produced by Herman Knives.

New original box with a cloth and Pruciak Protector Glide for Herman oil.

Weight: 121 g (4.27 oz.)

Overall length: 218 mm (8.58 ")

Blade length: 95 mm (3.74 ")

Folded length: 123 mm (4.84 ")

Blade width: 27 mm (1.06 ")

My name is Bartosz Herman. I produce knives according to my own projects and sometimes on an individual order. I try for every one of my knives to be unique and to enjoy its owner and at the same time to be comfortable and reliable during every day work. I want to develop my skills even further so that results of my work can keep getting better and better. I invite You to watch results of my work.