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Dragonfly 4 : The Hunter.


# The Victim . # The Hunter.


# The Death . # The life.


# 24K Gold = The Misfortune.


# 18K Rose Gold = The Blessing.


# 18K Green Gold = The Nature


We present the Dragonfly 4: The Hunter – a masterpiece created by Herman Knives. The engraving, which breathes the spirit of hunting into this knife, was crafted by Monthep Chimwai, a master in his field, whose artistry adds extraordinary character and depth to this marvelous knife.

The engraving shimmering on the handle of the knife is a symbol of hunting artistry, an echo of the past, and a testament to human dominance in the natural world. Hunting, which has its roots three million years ago, has always been an inseparable part of human existence. In the Middle Ages, it became a privilege of the nobility, associated with land ownership rights, and after the French Revolution, it underwent democratization, becoming widespread in society, which contributed to the negative impact of humans on the environment. Today, in the era of modern regulations, hunting is primarily an activity aimed at controlling animal populations, but it is also a form of recreation, strictly regulated by laws designed to protect nature.

The Dragonfly 4 knife, featuring a blade made of Damasteel Hugin on Damacore® DC18N stainless powder laminate, is like a perfectly tuned instrument in the hands of a master. The blade, 3.9 mm thick and with a hardness of 62 HRC, polished to a mirror finish, provides not only incredible sharpness but also durability that can withstand even the toughest challenges.

The handle of this knife is a work of art in itself. Made of Grade 5 titanium, adorned with 24k gold, 18k green gold, and 18k rose gold, it represents the ideal combination of luxury and functionality. These same materials embellish the backspacer and clip, creating a cohesive and elegant whole. The locking mechanism made of Grade 5 titanium, with tungsten carbide, and the system of ceramic ball bearings ensure smooth and reliable operation.

The Dragonfly 4 is not a regular folder, but a symbol – a symbol of the hunting past that has left its mark on human history. It is the essence of tradition and modernity, ideal for collectors and connoisseurs of unique items. This particular piece stands out for its uniqueness, emphasizing the individuality and craftsmanship of its creators.

Packaged in an elegant wooden box, complete with Pruciak Protector Glide oil and a cloth, the Dragonfly 4 is a presentation of the highest quality and meticulousness in every detail. It is a tool that not only performs its functions but also pleases the eye and inspires admiration.

The Dragonfly 4: The Hunter is the choice for those who value perfection and uniqueness, a combination of advanced technology and traditional craftsmanship. It is a knife that tells its own story, with every detail and element contributing to a tale of excellence and passion.



Blade: Powder stainless laminate Damasteel Hugin on Damacore® DC18N


thickness 3,9 mm (0.1535"), hardness 61 HRC

Blade finish: Partially mirror polished, satin finish

Handle: Titanium Grade 5, 24k Gold, 18K Green Gold, 18K Rose Gold

Backspacer: Titanium Grade 5, 24k Gold, 18K Green Gold, 18K Rose Gold

Clip: Titanium Grade 5, 24k Gold, 18K Green Gold, 18K Rose Gold

Lock: Titanium Grade 5

Ceramic Ball bearing system handmade by Herman

New improved bearing.

Additional hardened washers in bearings

Ceramic detent ball

Tungsten carbide on the lock leaf

Tungsten carbide alloy stop pin

Custom new pivot produced 100% by Herman Knives TORX T20, new thread, larger diameter and smaller pitch, allow for easier knife adjustment, along with a dedicated titanium screwdriver anodized in gold produced by Herman Knives.

New original wooden box with a cloth and Pruciak Protector Glide for Herman oil.

Weight: 166 g (5.86 oz)

Overall length: 225 mm (8.86 ")

Blade length: 97 mm (3.82 ")

Folded length: 128 mm (5.04 ")

My name is Monthep Chimwai, I'm 39 years old .

I graduated bachelor's degree major in Industrial Education and Education Faculty from Patumwan Institute of Technology, and Certificate major in Industrial Education and Education Faculty from TATC (THAI AUSTRIAN TECHNICAL COLLEGE)

I live at Ayutthaya province, Thailand.

At the end of 2011 I met a man who  became my teacher.

My Professor's name is Sutthichai Phosamton (Ton), also known as Ton-Ayodia.

He was the one who  told me  stories of engraved folding knife and show me the masterpiece that made me  surprized and interested.

He can created from folding knife a piece of art. It was excited to watch this transformation into something  perfect!

For next two years I  was studying to be an  engraver under Ton-Ayodia supervision.

He was instructing and  advising  me in techniques and skills. It wasn’t easy, and take a lot of time and hard work and practise. My mentor was struggling with barriers as lack of capital, marketing or language that’s why he wanted to relay his know-how  as his legacy to someone who can continue this achievements.

Most of  knowledge I got from Him - the moral code of engraver, development of engraving methods over time, designing and practicing of each pattern, , incrustation on workpiece.

In 2013 was my first experience in Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair  , next year I  bought my engraving machine and started to create my own works on folding knives, still learning and developing my knowledge.


My name is Bartosz Herman.
I produce knives according to my own projects and sometimes on an individual order.
I try for every one of my knives to be unique and to enjoy its owner and at the same time to be comfortable and reliable during every day work.
I want to develop my skills even further so that results of my work can keep getting better and better.
I invite You to watch results of my work.