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Based on the mystical heritage and mystery of ancient rituals, the Ritual knife evokes the spirit of ceremonial power. The blade, made of the finest Damascus steel, conveys the knife's unbridled energy and strength, transporting us back to distant times, where every cut was not only an act of strength, but also a bold manifestation of fearlessness.

Ritual is not just a collectible, but also a piece of history that transports us to a world of rituals and wonder. Its presence in a collection is a journey through forgotten times, where every movement of the knife was a symbolic step into the unknown



Blade: Mosaic Damascus forged by Greg Forge

thickness 5.2 mm (0.2047"), hardness 59 HRC

Handle: Sambar deer, VA2 steel, sterling silver

Sheath: Premium ostrich leather

Weight: 347 g (12.24 oz.)

Total length: 353 mm (13.90")

Blade length: 210 mm (8.27")

Blade width: 33 mm (1.30")

Janusz Kozolubski "MICHO" born in 1967, scorpion. Knives have been doing for 25 years. Member of the Deutsche Messermacher Gilde ( Favorite style, fantasy and fighter. He lives in western Germany. A breakthrough in his work came when he had the opportunity to look at the work of the master knifemaking, Dietmar F. Kressler, in his workshop at the castle of Odelzhausen. Knives only, One of a Kind