Folding knives

Folding knives. Masterpiece in every way.

 Folding knives are extremely popular knives. In many cases, they will work much better for everyday use than fixblade knives. The main two categories of these knives are linerlocks and framelocks, which differ in the way the blade is locked. These the highest quality folding knives, created with the use of the latest digital technologies, as well as a lot of manual work, give users a lot of satisfaction, enjoying work of art  and trouble-free operation for many years. These, in many ways, unique and beautiful knives cannot be found widely. They are as unique as their creators. Fortunately, in our offer you will find extraordinary, top-quality folding knives. They will be a great gift or a phenomenal collector's item.

Folder. Convenience and security.

Folding knife, folder is distinguished by its construction, and its purpose. Folding blades ensure discretion and safety. The blade is completely hidden in the handle, and the knife can be easily hidden in your pocket. The advantage is an additional clip that allows you to securely and conveniently attach the knife to your wardrobe. As it is a kind of everyday knife, the weight of the folder is also important. This solution means that the knife is always at hand, ready for immediate use. As befits a high-class utility item, you can always count on it, both opening a package or a letter, cutting off an unnecessary piece of a cable tie and ending with an emergency belt cut in the car. (I hope not)

Unique folders or folding knives.

All folders available from us are created with passion and dedication. There is no room for half measures, poor-quality materials and repeatability. Craftsmen creating folders use only the best materials and proven solutions. Starting from the blades made of the toughest stainless powder tool steel Bohler M390, M398, through stainless, forged laminates, to the beautiful powder stainless damascus made in the best blacksmith workshops in the world, such as Swedish Damasteel or German Balbach, which can only be found in the most out of this world knives, made by real, experienced masters. The handle is made of titanium, Timascus, and variety of carbon fiber.

Folding knives, folders. Mechanically perfect, beautiful and practical.

When you look at folding knives, you get the impression that they are incredibly simple tools. However, the truth is quite different. There is no room for compromise in order for everything to function as it should in the folder. Each element of the folding knife is made of the highest quality materials. Both those that are visible and those that are responsible for the impeccable mechanics of the knife (e.g. ceramic balls in bearings), and are not necessarily visible at first glance. Handcrafted with watchmaking precision, ceramic ball bearings, a ceramic detent ball, a tungsten carbide hardened lock, a stop pin made of tungsten carbide and everything that makes the knife comfortable and useful, both during a trip into rough terrain and in everyday struggles.