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Blade: Steel from 2.2 mm Swedish saw blades

Coating / blade finish: Raw

Handle: Paracord

Sheath: Leather

Weight: 435 g

Overall length: 550 mm

Blade length: 380 mm


It was created by combining various patterns. Initially, two projects were to be created, although I was looking for something unique. My friend and his fresh perspective came to the rescue.

"Guyana" was established.

Lightness, comfort and practicality. Important features of a large camp knife. It will work in many different conditions.

-Made of steel from Swedish sawmills. A steel that can take a lot

-Tested with a spectrometer to best perform heat treatment.

-Selectively hardened to take advantage of the best properties of this steel.

- Convex grind allows you to easily work in wood.

-Thin, because only about 2.5 mm, but extremely durable and resilient.

-Together with the handle, the weight is only 430 grams!

- Sheath made of thick leather for transport and protection. It also protects us from its sharpness.

I've liked knives since childhood, with my uncle systematically encouraging this interest of mine. Though he didn’t collect the knives himself, he had quite a lot of them, as I can recall from my childhood memories. Yes, childhood memories, because I was given my first knife when I was about seven or eight years old, and from that moment forward I was presented with more of them from time to time.

This “Knifemaker Adventure” started at the end of April 2015, when I’ve “laid” my first cuts. My first knife "Borsuk" was created in August of the same year and is still in use of one of my hunter friends.


However, before I had started making knives, I watched and read about the subject for over a year. I was on the "" forum practically every day.

It all started with YouTube videos and the first inspiration from Mr. Michał Siedlicki AK. Trollsky (I  had a pleasure of meeting him in person which was, as you can probably imagine, a great experience for me).


It didn’t take long for my wife to start nagging me: “Why again with the knives? Why are you watching this? What’s the point? You’re just wasting your time!” (Currently, she’s very supportive of all of it).  In the meantime, I gathered materials and tools. When I felt, that the moment has come to take action, I’ve bought a grinder that I think we all know: small and wild Dedra, and so it began.


More knives were made, alongside with the project that I'm best known for: "Sultan", and we held the first rally for "" forum, which filled me up with positive energy.

The next rally in 2016 brought me my first big personal success: the "Dream knife" project, thanks to which, with the help from the forum community, I’ve collected a large sum of money for an orphanage. The project has been continuing for years now, and it’s taking up speed.


From this year onwards I only concern myself with knives. Despite the short training period, I've gained a lot of experience, and in a little more than a year I made over 100 knives (I have stopped counting now).


I constantly try to diverse when it comes to knives. I like exploring new kinds of them. 

I work on K110 and M390 a lot, as well as with things from Elmax.

As for the handles, I love using wood and antlers.

Each wood smells differently, and I am able to differentiate individual species of wood based on its smell.

I also like G10, which I glue into Sultans in various color schemes.

On customer’s orders, I also use Micarta.